Nyberg Woods

Project Overview

Nyberg Woods is a meticulously crafted neighborhood and lifestyle center spanning 25 acres in Tualatin, Oregon, strategically positioned across the highway from Nyberg Rivers. Our scope of work included the demolition of an existing hotel, rock blasting, and the construction of expansive retaining walls, all while ensuring strict compliance with environmental regulations, particularly regarding wetland mitigation along the Tualatin River bank.

The architectural integrity of Nyberg Woods is evident in its tilt-wall buildings, elegantly adorned with masonry veneer, stucco, precast, and timber-framed elements. Housing 26 distinct tenants, these structures serve as inviting spaces for commerce and community alike. Our commitment to enhancing surrounding infrastructure also extended to offsite improvements, notably along Nyberg Street and the I-5 on-ramp. Collaboration with county, city, and ODOT stakeholders ensured seamless integration and improved accessibility for visitors and residents.

Project Details

Tualatin, Oregon



Project Type

Negotiated GMP

Delivery Method

203,000 SF

Project Size

The Team

CenterCal Properties, LLC


WH Pacific


Bryan Kenney

Project Manager


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