Elevating Equity: How Women Are Building a New Future in Construction

At Robinson Construction Co., we support engaging women in construction roles to break barriers and drive progress. Empowering women fosters diversity and gender inclusivity, benefiting from a broader talent pool and varied perspectives.

We’re proud to highlight our female staff members, who play a crucial role in shaping the future of the construction industry:

Angel Seile   |   Project Manager Assistant

Becki Wildschut   |   Bid Coordinator

Debra Dejerald   |   Travel Coordinator and Payroll Assistant

Ellen Sperl   |   Head of Marketing and Corporate Relations

Julie Spangler   |   Accounts Payable Administrator

Lily Graver   |   Receptionist

Lucretia Randall   |   Contract and Insurance Administrator

Paige Williams   |   Project Manager Assistant

Rebecca Brooks   |  Project Manager Assistant

Susan Baggenstos   |   Project Engineer

Women empowerment plays a crucial role in reshaping the construction landscape, bringing diverse perspectives and enhancing project outcomes. To foster a more inclusive and diverse construction industry, prioritizing support and advancement for women is crucial. Mentorship programs play a vital role in helping women navigate the construction sector, providing guidance, advice, and networking opportunities.

Envision a future where equity for all individuals involved becomes the norm. Empowering change is key to breaking barriers that have hindered progress in the past. Join us in building a sustainable tomorrow, reshaping the future landscape for all.

Women are shaping the future of the construction industry, breaking barriers, and championing for gender equality. With inspiring career opportunities, professional growth prospects, and supportive initiatives, women are leading innovation and building a more inclusive workforce.

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