Evergreen Public School Transportation Center Project Launch

Robinson Construction Co. is excited to announce our partnership with the Evergreen School District, R&C Management Group, and GBD Architects to construct the new EPS Transportation Center. We look forward to supporting the Evergreen Transportation Department in their commitment to providing safe, professional, and reliable transportation for students.

Work will be starting this week to replace the current transportation building. The new center will expand into the old Burton Elementary site and will feature a 26,000 SF building with an office, a shop maintenance facility, new access, walkways, landscaping, and utilities.

We are proud to be a part of this project and to contribute to the community by building a state-of-the-art transportation center that will serve the students and staff of Evergreen School District for years to come. We invite you to follow our progress and updates as we work to bring this new transportation center to life.

EPS Transportation Center Architect Rendering e1674234631750 1100x376 - Evergreen Public School Transportation Center Project Launch
GBD Architects rendering of new EPS Transportation Center


Educating the Local Community

DSCN1433rev 1100x672 - Educating the Local CommunityRecently, one of our site superintendents, Andrew Palomaki, visited the AP Environmental Science class at Central Kitsap High School in Silverdale, Washington.

Bill Wilson, the class teacher, contacted us regarding the Silverdale Trails project.  He asked that we come and present to his classes information on construction stormwater management and environmental challenges construction companies face.  The presentation included many hot topics such as site preparation, installation of infrastructure to control stormwater runoff, installation of permanent stormwater structures to mitigate effects on local water sheds and careers in the construction industry.

The presentation was a success!

“Students are now aware of all the hoops that construction companies have to jump through to protect the environment…It raised their awareness of future career options in construction management.”

-Bill Wilson, Central Kitsap High School



Silverdale Trails – Site Progression

Silverdale Trails Site Progression 2 1100x727 - Silverdale Trails - Site ProgressionUPDATED 11/19/14 The jobsite cam is now in operation. Click here to see the progress.

At the Silverdale Trails site, we have completed over 33,500 SF of lock and load retaining walls and paved the construction entrance. Through the use of a wheel wash system, we have been able to control the amount of mud tracked onto the public roads.

The site is now to grade and over the next couple of weeks we will be building the soldier pile walls on the northwest corner of the site. We will also be setting the 240 panel precast cover for the storm water detention vault, beginning installation of underground utilities, and installing rock for the future parking lot.

Building construction is set to begin early 2015.

Silverdale Trails – Underground Detention System

Silverdale Trails Aerial 1 21 1100x825 - Silverdale Trails - Underground Detention SystemConcrete pouring recently commenced for the new underground stormwater detention vault at the Silverdale Trails retail development in Silverdale, Washington.

Utilizing two 61-meter concrete pumps, Apeland Concrete pumped approximately 1,000-yards of CalPortland concrete in under 10 hours to complete the vault’s entire slab and footing pour.  A task that would require roughly 100 ready-mix concrete trucks.

Larger than a football field, this underground detention system is being installed under the shopping center’s future parking lot on the eastern-central portion of the site.  It is designed to contain all of the stormwater runoff on the parking lot, and through the 1,000 gallon per minute filtration system, dissipate water into the earth opposed to being forced offsite in a storm event.

The Silverdale Trails is a 212,000 square foot shopping center situated on an approximate 18 acre site at Kitsap Mall Boulevard and Greaves Way.  The site sits against a natural backdrop of old growth timber and natural wetlands with views of Mt. Rainier and Puget Sound.