At Robinson Construction, we understand that the foundation of any successful project lies in its preconstruction phase. Whether it's CM/GC & GC/CM, Negotiated GMP, Design-Build, or Integrated Project Delivery, we recognize the critical importance of thorough planning and collaboration from the outset. Our greatest strength lies in our comprehensive preconstruction process, which goes beyond reactive estimating. We prioritize a highly collaborative approach, ensuring that every detail is meticulously assessed and addressed to lay the groundwork for a successful outcome.

Budget Development and Estimating

At Robinson, we believe that a solid financial foundation is essential for project success. Our experienced team excels in budget development and estimating, providing accurate and transparent cost projections from the outset. By meticulously analyzing project requirements and market trends, we ensure that our clients have a clear understanding of project costs, enabling informed decision-making throughout the construction process.

Value Engineering

Our value engineering process begins early in the project lifecycle, where we collaborate closely with subcontractor trades to explore alternative construction options and identify cost-saving opportunities. During the bid stage, we incorporate bid alternates, inviting subcontractors to propose value engineering items or alternatives that enhance project efficiency and longevity.

Recognizing the unique challenges of each project, we conduct thorough reviews of design documents and geotechnical reports to pinpoint areas with the most potential for cost reduction and value enhancement. Throughout the design phase, our team conducts value engineering analyses at key milestones, ensuring alignment with the client’s budget and vision.

Constructability Review

At Robinson, we believe that proactive planning is key to avoiding costly delays and disruptions during construction. Our constructability reviews are conducted by seasoned professionals who assess project plans and specifications to identify potential challenges and opportunities for improvement. By addressing constructability issues early in the process, we ensure smoother project execution and enhanced project outcomes.

Schedule Development and Management

Timely completion is a top priority for every project we undertake. Our team works closely with clients to develop realistic project schedules tailored to their specific needs and objectives. Through meticulous planning and proactive management, we keep projects on track and on schedule, minimizing delays and maximizing efficiency throughout the construction process.

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