Green Building and sustainability are no longer concepts. They have become the industry standard and a way of life.

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When green building was merely a thought for most, Robinson Construction Co. recognized the importance of maintaining the environment for future generations. We embraced a variety of sustainability concepts and incorporated them into our company practices. As dedicated green building contractors, we place great emphasis on the most efficient use of resources, waste management, and environmental and human health. These considerations are given priority in the design and construction of every project.

Our company’s LEED Accredited Professionals are devoted to carrying out our commitment to sustainable construction. By having these professionals on staff, we are consistently up to date with the latest concepts, procedures, equipment development and material sources in support of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Program.

RCC strongly encourages the use of LEED certification as a foundation of project design and considers environmentally responsible building to be an important element of success.