Costco Wholesale – Salem, OR

Project Overview

This expansive new Costco Warehouse project is situated on a 20-acre plot adjacent to a high-density residential area. The development includes a 168,800 SF warehouse, a fuel facility, and an 862-stall parking lot. Additional improvements to surrounding city public streets were integrated into the project scope. Notable aspects of the development include the construction of a new bridge for onsite access spanning a wetland area, as well as a 530-foot long, 20-foot tall retaining wall.

To ensure successful completion, the project was carefully phased. Site work, including base lift paving and landscaping, was executed during the summer months prior to commencing building construction in late fall. Coordination between site and building construction teams facilitated a phased completion approach. Construction access, staging, temporary facilities, and final lift paving of selective areas were all meticulously coordinated with the building schedule, resulting in a seamless and efficient project delivery.

Project Details

Salem, Oregon



Project Type

Negotiated GMP

Delivery Method

168,800 SF

Project Size

The Team

Costco Wholesale Corportation


Dowl HKM


Dan Kemnitz

Project Manager


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