Silverdale Trails – Site Progression

Silverdale Trails Site Progression 2 1100x727 - Silverdale Trails - Site ProgressionUPDATED 11/19/14 The jobsite cam is now in operation. Click here to see the progress.

At the Silverdale Trails site, we have completed over 33,500 SF of lock and load retaining walls and paved the construction entrance. Through the use of a wheel wash system, we have been able to control the amount of mud tracked onto the public roads.

The site is now to grade and over the next couple of weeks we will be building the soldier pile walls on the northwest corner of the site. We will also be setting the 240 panel precast cover for the storm water detention vault, beginning installation of underground utilities, and installing rock for the future parking lot.

Building construction is set to begin early 2015.