Educating the Local Community

DSCN1433rev 1100x672 - Educating the Local CommunityRecently, one of our site superintendents, Andrew Palomaki, visited the AP Environmental Science class at Central Kitsap High School in Silverdale, Washington.

Bill Wilson, the class teacher, contacted us regarding the Silverdale Trails project.  He asked that we come and present to his classes information on construction stormwater management and environmental challenges construction companies face.  The presentation included many hot topics such as site preparation, installation of infrastructure to control stormwater runoff, installation of permanent stormwater structures to mitigate effects on local water sheds and careers in the construction industry.

The presentation was a success!

“Students are now aware of all the hoops that construction companies have to jump through to protect the environment…It raised their awareness of future career options in construction management.”

-Bill Wilson, Central Kitsap High School